Small Angels

Collectible, Vintage, Old Angels: postcards, bells, goebel, pins, brooches and other God's Angels

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Goebel Angel Bell 1983 - 3 inch high Goebel Orange Angel 1983 playing a reed. Excellent condition..
HOMCO Santa With Baby Angle Girl - 8875 Snow Baby Type Texture -  5.25"H x 4"W - Home Interi..
VINTAGE Lego Angel Cherub Figurine Clover Shamrock St. Patricks Day. The same one sold in April o..
Small, Angels, VINTAGE, Lego, Angel, Cherub, Figurine, Clover, Shamrock, St., Patricks, Day, HOMCO, Santa, With, Baby, Angle, Girl, 8875, Goebel, Bell, 1983
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