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Vintage, Bulldog and Pups - GNCO Japan  - the two pups are chained to Mama Mama Dog -..
Chihuahua Bone China Dog - Vintage Japan - Red oval sticker, bone china 2 1/8"H x 1.75"L ..
Climbing Siamese Cat - Japan 3" long There's a tiny glaze scrape at the bottom of the t..
Comical Seal - Bug House Taiwan in very good condition - 1"H x 1"L Seal on the right has origin..
Doe & Doe Baby - Vintage Bug House - NOS - Baby Doe 5/8"H, the large Doe 6/8"H- Porcelain T..
Doe - Vintage Bug House Taiwan - NOS 6/8"H - Porcelain (Inv-BH-Doe) ..
Doe Baby - Vintage Bug House Japan - NOS 5/8"H - Porcelain (Inv-BH-DoeBaby) ..
Enesco Vintage Porcelain Bear With Log 1988 -  Approx 3"H x 3 1/4" W - In excellent cond..
Enesco Vintage Siamese Cat Licking Paw -  Approx 1.75"H x 2.75"W - In excellent conditio..
Fox Terrier - Vintage Japan Delta Bone China --- with oval blue, gold Delta sticker Wonder..
Freeman-McFarlin George Good Dog with Shoe - 1" Tall Designer: Maynard Anthony Freeman ..
Freeman-McFarlin George Good Elephant Set of 3 - There remains some original paper under the feet..
Freeman-McFarlin George Good Skunk Designer: Maynard Anthony Freeman Skunk on card 1" Pr..
Freeman-McFarlin George Good Skunks Set of 2 - There remains some original paper under the feet o..
Geo. Z. Lefton Pelican On Log - Bisque 1983 - #04006 Figurine It is in excellent condition. 2 7..
George Good Originals Flocked Monkey - 1.75" Tall still on the original card that says Japan. P..
Goebel German Shepherd Dog - Porcelain Miniature Figurine  (Inv-GS) In excellent cond..
Harp Seal Mama and Pup - Bug House Japan in very good condition Awesome seals with the original..
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