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Bug House bone china figurines were originally made in Japan and later Taiwan with some metal items made in Korea. About 1995 the company moved into resin cast figures and by 1997 most of the bone china had been discontinued. Bug House is no longer in business.  Miniatures are under 2" tall and have oval blue stickers.

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Bug House Bunny - Miniature Rabbit - Just shy of 1 1/2" T -  In excellent condition. One s..
Bug House Miniature Figurine Cow - Porcelain - Just shy of 1" T -  In excellent condition. ..
Bug House Miniature Figurine Giraffe - Porcelain - 2 1/8" T -  In excellent condition, card ..
Bug House Miniature Figurine Zebra - Porcelain - 2 1/8" T -  In excellent condition, card sh..
Comical Seal - Bug House Taiwan in very good condition - 1"H x 1"L Seal on the right has origin..
Harp Seal Mama and Pup - Bug House Japan in very good condition Awesome seals with the original..
Vintage Bug House Frogs - Japan Stickers - Sitting Frog is 1/2" Tall  ... Reclining Frog is ..
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