Unidentified Animal Collectibles

Unidentified Old Bone China, Porcelain Animals. Some could be Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA etc.
It is our policy not to say where the animals were made unless we know for sure.

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Seated Cheetah - Bone China -  in great condition - 1.50"H x 1.50"L   (Inv-Cheetah1) ..
Vintage Bone China Deer Buck Father W/Antlers & Mama In great condition - Buck - 1 3/8"H&nb..
Vintage Bone China Set of 3 Skunk Family In great condition - Mama 1 6/8"H with 2 Babies 1 1/8"..
Vintage Colorful Rooster -  in great condition - 2 7/8"H   (VCR-B1) no damage, t..
Vintage Matte Hen - Porcelain, Japan with sticker on bottom -  in great condition, no damage..
Vintage Saddle Ceramic Horse with chain briddle - Japan In great condition, no damage, there is..
Vintage Sailfish Riding The Waves - Japan , 2 5/8"H by 4.75"L   (SF-B1) In very good condi..
Vintage Walrus - Porcelain, Japan with sticker  1 2/8"H x 1 6/8"L in excellent condition wit..
Zebra Stoneware Bisque Comical In great condition, no damage - 2 2/8" Tall x 1 3/8"L Unknown ..
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