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Miniature animal family. Ideal for your doll house. Buy the family and save some money.

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HAGEN RENAKER Jersey Cow And 1986 Calf - Retired A-290, A-022 These came from the same collecti..
Hagen Renaker Mama & Tom Cat, Walking Kitten Siamese Family Miniature Figurine  -  ..
Hagen Renaker Papa, Mama & Baby Rabbit Family Miniature Figurine  -  In excellent n..
$19.00 $18.00
Hagen Renaker Papa, Mama, Baby Walt Disney Rabbit Family Mama #198 and Baby #199 are pink - Pap..
Hagen Renaker Papa, Mama, Fawns Deer Family Miniature Figurine  -  In excellent new con..
Hagen Renaker Penguin Family Of 4  -  In excellent new condition Left to right: Emp..
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