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Loza Electrica was a ceramics company begun in 1992 by Jim Renaker, (son of John and Maxine Renaker, the founders of Hagen Renaker) together with his wife Freya and their son Eric. They produced a line of fine-quality, mini-figurines, mostly animals, and continued until after only 5 years they closed down permanently in 1997. As a result, these figurines are becoming ever more scarce. The quality of both the figurine and the painting is exceptional.

Loza marked their line with the "Made in Mexico"  "Hecho en Mexico" sticker.

Loza Electrica


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LOZA Chick - NOS - Retired -  In excellent condition - 1.00"H Loza Electrica was a cera..
Loza Electrica Ant Eater - NOS - Retired -  In excellent condition - 1.25"H x 3.25"L Lo..
LOZA Goat - NOS - Retired -  In excellent condition - 2.25"H x 2.50"L Loza Electrica wa..
LOZA Holstein Cow - NOS - Retired -  In excellent condition with beautiful colored horns - 1..
LOZA Lighthouse with Hagen Renaker Retired Seagull -  In excellent condition - Lighthouse 2...
LOZA Persian Cat - NOS - Retired -  In excellent condition - 1.5"H x 2.75"L Loza Electr..
LOZA Pig, Hog, Sow  - NOS - Retired -  In excellent condition - 1.50"H x 3.00"L Loza'..
LOZA Polar Bear - NOS - Retired -  There is some light crazing typical of the Loza and Hagen..
LOZA Siamese Cat - Retired -  In excellent condition - 2 1/8"H x 3.00"L (Inv-BC-071718) ..
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