Older Hagen Renaker Variations Hagen Renaker

Hagen Renaker pre-owned with some slight color variations. If you are looking for a retired one, please use the retired category.
Older Hagen Renakers often have color variations from the newer ones in the current line-up. In many instances, they may be on an older original card with a price far less than the current price, darker color variations and with more details on the eyes, ears and or feet. Many collectors love to collect the variations.
Those found in this category are mostly from pre-owned collections or from New Old Stock, NOS and as such,  it is possible that they may having crazing. This is not considered damage but is common and natural to ceramics.


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HAGEN RENAKER - Mallard Duck, Mouth Open  Retired A-863b in great condition and about 1 1/2 ..
HAGEN RENAKER - Mallard Duck, Mouth Open  Retired A-863c in great condition and about 1 1/2 ..
HAGEN RENAKER - Matte Donkey, Burro Baby Standing, Color Variation #021 - Some original blue unde..
HAGEN RENAKER - Set of 3 Mama Mouse - #356 Retired Color Variations In excellent condition with..
HAGEN RENAKER - Set of Baby Penguin Variations # 232 -  1" tall -  In excellent conditi..
HAGEN RENAKER - Small Colt Orange & Yellow #0453 HTF  1" High - In excellent condition h..
HAGEN RENAKER - Small Colt Palomino #0453 HTF  1" High - There is some card paper that remai..
HAGEN RENAKER, Unicorn Baby - 1 1/2" Tall  - HR956 In excellent condition - There is a facto..
Older, Hagen, Renaker, Variations, HAGEN, RENAKER, Hare, arm, extended, Pink, Nose, Painted, Mouth, A-2001, Retired, Baby, Turtles, #279, Color, Variation, Mallard, Duck, Open, A-863c
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