Older Hagen Renaker Variations Hagen Renaker

Hagen Renaker pre-owned with some slight color variations. If you are looking for a retired one, please use the retired category.
Older Hagen Renakers often have color variations from the newer ones in the current line-up. In many instances, they may be on an older original card with a price far less than the current price, darker color variations and with more details on the eyes, ears and or feet. Many collectors love to collect the variations.
Those found in this category are mostly from pre-owned collections or from New Old Stock, NOS and as such,  it is possible that they may having crazing. This is not considered damage but is common and natural to ceramics.


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2 Schnauzers - #898 - Color Variations  - 2"  Tall -  In excellent condition You..
Hagen Renaker - 2 Shar Pei - A-2022 Color Variations - You will be getting the two in the image. ..
Hagen Renaker - 2 Walrus Style One A-968 - Retired Variations - You are buying both of the Walrus..
HAGEN RENAKER - 3 Chihuahua Pup, Dogs - Color Variations - #338  - 3/4" tall -  In exce..
HAGEN RENAKER - 3 Doe, Mama Deer - A-202 - Color Variations You are buying all three pictured:&..
HAGEN RENAKER - 3 1989 Mother Goose Shawl and Bonnet Color Variations - Retired - Instant collect..
$55.95 $52.00
HAGEN RENAKER - 4 Tweetie Baby Birds -  # 495 Color Variations5 - 1/2" inches tall - no dama..
HAGEN RENAKER - Baby Duck A-219 - Early with eyes painted and brown shading Beautiful shading w..
HAGEN RENAKER - Bluebird - Retired A-985  - 1/2" T - Style One - Second Version Variations ..
Hagen Renaker Calf,  Creamy White 1.25"L x 1"H  - Miniature Figurines  -  In ..
HAGEN RENAKER - Crow Mama - Retired A-58 Eye Variation - Awesome beautiful eyes. If the letter ..
HAGEN RENAKER - Crow Mama - Retired A-58a Color Variation There may be some orignal card paper ..
HAGEN RENAKER - Crow Mama - Retired A-58b Color Variation There may be some orignal card paper ..
HAGEN RENAKER - Crow Mama - Retired A-58c Color Variation - Awesome beautiful eyes. The glaze o..
HAGEN RENAKER - Duck Baby, Style One A-8 Monrovia Early  You will be buying the one pictur..
HAGEN RENAKER - Hare, arm extended - Pink Nose, Painted Mouth, A-2001 Retired - On 1986 card. T..
HAGEN RENAKER - Hare, right arm extended - Pink Nose, A-2001 Retired This Hare is a color varia..
HAGEN RENAKER - Little Brother Mouse - Color Variations - Set of 3 - #296 The one to the far le..
Older, Hagen, Renaker, Variations, HAGEN, RENAKER, Mallard, Duck, Mouth, Open, Retired, A-863c, Baby, Deer, Doe, Fawn, Standing, Eyes, Renakar, Prairie, Dog, A-3100
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