Pre-Owned Hagen Renaker

Pre-owned Hagen Renakers are from collections that have been loved over the years. Many Hagen Renakers have been made in California since 1945. Many remain in the current line-up after many years. This category offers Hagen Renakers that remain in today's current line-up at a slightly reduced price from the current line-up.
The HRs in this category are in good condition without any damage. There may be some crazing which is not condired damage or a defect.

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HAGEN RENAKER - Lying Siamese Kitten #369 Pre-Owned - 3/4" high - Hand crafted in the USA Th..
HAGEN RENAKER - RETIRED Specialty #3311 (Boy) PIxie On Leaf Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund H..
HAGEN RENAKER - Tweetie Bird Family HTF Older Brown - Retired - Style Two Pa Tweetie - A-481 - ..
Hagen Renaker - Walt Disney Tramp -  On 1989 card - Retired  2.25" T x 2" W As is wit..
Pre-Owned, Hagen, Renaker, HAGEN, RENAKER, Lying, Siamese, Kitten, #369
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