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Hagen, Renaker, Retired, Todally Brass, Froggie Mountain Breakdown, Musicians, Hagen Renaker, Hand Painted - horses, mares, ponies, colts,Birds, cat, cats, dogs, horses, frogs, turtles, Fantasy, Mermaid, Dragon, Unicorn, deer, buck, fawn, doe, Hagen Renaker

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Hagen Renakar - Mama Wolf - Retired A-3249 Designer: Maureen Love Height: 1 7/8" Issued: 19..
Hagen Renakar - Prairie Dog Variations - Retired A-3100 Notice the shading is different. The on..
Hagen Renakar - Seal Mama on Side - A-3139 Retired  - On the original 1995 card - in excelle..
Hagen Renakar - Tiger - Retired A-2029 Designer: Shi Yi Chen Height: 1" Issued: 1989 Retire..
Hagen Renakar - Wart Hog - Retired A-3167 Designer: Robert McGuinness Height: 1 1/4" Issued..
Hagen Renakar Alligator Baby - Retired A-853 Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund Height: 3/8" C..
Hagen Renakar Alligator Mama - Retired A-852 Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund Height: 5/6" C..
Hagen Renakar Cartoon Mama Whale - Retired Model No. A-803  in great condition - 1.75" Tall ..
Hagen Renakar Cougar Baby - Retired A-3315 Designer: Robert McGuinness Height: 1 1/8" Issue..
Hagen Renakar Humpback Whale, Tail Down - 1989 - Retired Model No: A-2079  in great conditio..
Hagen Renakar Killer Whale "Sam" - Retired Model No. A-855  in excellent condition - 1 5/8" ..
Hagen Renakar Lavender Octopus - Retired A-3198 - 2/3" Tall This octopus is on a 1995 card. Typ..
Hagen Renakar Lion Cub - Retired A-3174 Designer: Robert McGuinness Height: 1/2" Issued: Sp..
Hagen Renakar Lobster - Retired A-3354  in great condition - 2" Tall Looks just like one o..
Hagen Renakar Otter, Standing - Retired A-834 Choose either A or B. If there letter does not ap..
HAGEN RENAKER  Bananas A-312A  Retired - There was a short run on these bananas so they..
HAGEN RENAKER - 1986 Curbstone Setter, Puppy A-2064 Retired in Very Good condition. The card show..
HAGEN RENAKER - Auerspurse Brown Beaver Paws Up - A-399 Retired  HTF pieces. This one look..
Retired, Hagen, Renaker, HAGEN, RENAKER, Owl, Not, Branch, A-3129, Eskimo, Tot, Standing, Bisque, Matte, A-944, VHTF, Monrovia, Orange, Siamese, Tabby, Nose, A-74
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