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HAGEN RENAKER -  Boxer Pup A-284 Retired Monrovia Matte 1"inch tall The ears are still won..
HAGEN RENAKER -  Dachshund, Schnapsie A-78 Retired Monrovia Notice that there is a nose gl..
$38.50 $20.00
HAGEN RENAKER -  Dachshund, Schnapsie Jr. Puppy A-81 Retired Monrovia Designer: Helen Perr..
HAGEN RENAKER -  Dachshund, Schnapsie Jr. Puppy A-81 Retired Monrovia There is a pin hole ..
$38.50 $28.50
HAGEN RENAKER -  Frog Baby - A-38 Retired Monrovia excellent condition, no damage. You wil..
HAGEN RENAKER -  Jock, Walt Disney Lady & Tramp Monrovia #5007 Retired in excellent cond..
HAGEN RENAKER -  Lamb, head turned - A-378 Monrovia - White, pink inner ears There may be ..
HAGEN RENAKER -  Scamp with Walt Disney Sticker - 5004 Monrovia - Taupe, beige muzzle, chest..
HAGEN RENAKER - Baby Chipmunk Monrovia A-201 - It's always nice to find the older ones with all t..
HAGEN RENAKER - Baby Chipmunk - Monrovia Designers Workshop B-504 Small chip behind left ear pi..
HAGEN RENAKER - Baby Duck #219 - 3/4" Tall - On its original Monrovia card. The baby duck on it..
HAGEN RENAKER - Baby Duck A-219 - Early with eyes painted and brown shading Beautiful shading w..
HAGEN RENAKER - Baby Frog A-477 Retired Monrovia  in great condition - 5/8" Tall - HTF on th..
HAGEN RENAKER - Baby Turtle A-279 - Monrovia  in great condition - 1/2" Tall These baby tu..
HAGEN RENAKER - Baby Worm, Monrovia Spotted - A-119 Retired in great condition and about 5/8"H ....
HAGEN RENAKER - Caterpillar Baby With Propeller Monrovia A-253A  Retired Designer:  N..
HAGEN RENAKER - Chick, Big Feet  A-78 Monrovia Retired There is crazing as is typical with..
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